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  • These tests are a non destructive analysis of the heat retaining value of your home via a thermal imaging camera.

    In the cooler months of the year this is performed primarily on the outside of the home by observing the walls, windows, doors and roofs surfaces being heated as your home losses energy. In the warmer months the test is conducted primarily on the inside of the home as the sun's heat passes through the walls, windows, doors and the roof heating the inside of the home.

    NOTE: There must be a 20 degree difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature for the test to perform properly and show the maximum deficiencies or efficiencies of your homes insulation.

    This test is not fail proof as the thermal imager is not capable of seeing into objects just the surface temperatures.

    Flat Roof Inspections
    For flat roof inspections standing water must be drained by the building owner or a third party. This test is performed after sun down. The camera is used to look at the surface of the roof to detect water leaks. Water leaks are detected because the saturated insulation holds the suns energy longer than dry insulation showing comparatively hot spots.

    Electrical Inspections
    Electrical inspections are done with the electrical panel off. We have a licensed electrician on staff to comply with NFPA 70 regulations. Separate rates will be incurred for the electrician. Electrical hot spots or loose connections are detected with the use of the imager saving short circuits and fire hazards.

    Proper shaft rotation of motors is detected by the heat signature from both the shaft and the motor.

    Floor radiant pipes, and leaks are easily detected when the system is first turned on.

    Verification of tank levels can be performed with the camera.

    Inspection Fees
    These tests are performed at the rate of $135.00 per hour. You will receive a paper report within 3 business days of the building analysis clearly stating, with pictures, the thermal deficiencies.

    (Travel charges will occur when distances are over 100 miles.)