Structural Imagery
Here are examples of typical
problem areas.

(Roll mouse over photo to view thermal scan)

Object:Front entry way of a brand new home

Problem:Even though you can not feel a draft or see light through the stretched door frame. Both heating and cooling energy dollars are literally flying out the door.

Solution:Loosen the screws on the door frame to allow the insulation to sit snuggly against the door. Average cost: a couple of minutes of your time.

Object:Entry of a five year old home.

Problem:The adjustable threshold was never raised to meet the bottom of the door. For five years this family has felt a chill in the hallway.

Solution:Take a Phillips head screw driver, peel off the shipping stickers and take three turns on each adjusting screw. Average cost a couple more minutes of your time.

Object: Basement and sill line.

Problem:The sill of this home has separated with age, allowing cold air in. Also note the temperature of the concrete wall. It is a very COLD radiator.


Object:This door goes to the uninsulated eve of a house.

Problem:This is a single sheet of plywood for a door without insulation. The outside temperature is 28°F.


Object:Roof wall

Problem:Missing/settled insulation in the roof rafters.

Solution:Insulation is needed in rafters.

Object:Exterior wall and window.

Problem:Air leak through the jambs of this window.


Object:Exterior walls

Problem:The blue represents missing/settled insulation on this east facing wall.


Object:The vertical stripes are the studs in the wall.

Problem:The blue circle in the center of the wall is most probably a mouse nest.


Object:Exterior wall of house.

Problem:The customer complained of a constant draft over the table. Confirming with a neighbor this was formerly a window location. It was not insulated on the bottom when it was boarded in.


Object:Exterior wall and doorway.

Problem:The switch box appears to have no insulation behind it. The jamb could use a little shimming also.


Object:Interior & exterior walls

Problem:Cold air is trapped behind the picture on the right.


Object:Exterior wall, window and electrical outlets.

Problem:Air leaking past poorly insulated outlets.


Object:Exterior door way.

Problem:Poorly adjusted jambs and threshold


Object:Exterior knee and roof walls

Problem:Missing/settled insulation in between rafters.


Object:Exterior doorway.

Problem:The importance of a good insulated jamb.